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Denver’s Best Swim Spa Exercise Guide

Denver fitness Swim Spa goes a long way!

It’s late afternoon. You’ve just had an exhausting day at work, and your muscles are aching with fatigue. You want to hit the gym to stretch out but are too tired to drive all the way. You are free to refresh yourself with some exercise but wondering how to do it?

That is the time your swim spa comes in handy!

Swim spas installed in your home are an investment that always pays off. Your backyard hot tub or swim spa is not only for recreation but also a great avenue for exercising and refreshing yourself.

It combines entertainment with exercise so impeccably that the users can unwind, relax, enjoy and exercise at the same time.

Health Benefits of Water Exercise

For a long time, doctors and physical therapists have been recommending swim spa physical therapy water exercises to patients in order to recover safely. But these exercises aren’t only limited to patients suffering from arthritis. In fact, anyone can perform these exercises and get the most out of the health benefits of owning a swim spa.

Swim spas are a great way to mix up conventional gym-based exercises with the advantages of water. 

It is also called Aqua Exercise, Hydrotherapy, or Aqua Aerobics.

There are many undeniable health benefits of water exercises that can be achieved using your swim spa. But before moving to them, here’s a word of advice.

Reduced Stress

Water-based therapy has proven helpful in reducing stress. Temperature control settings allow you to further cool down during hot summers. Submerging in hot water in the winter and cool water in summers can be the ultimate remedy for reducing stress.

Reduced stress leads to boosted immunity levels and reduces the possibility of blood pressure and heart diseases.

Better Sleep

A healthy body gets better sleep. When your mind is relaxed, you will eventually notice better sleep patterns with the passage of time. An enriched sleep pattern helps the body stay fresh all day, enhancing productivity. It is super important to have a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of deep sleep, something that can only be achieved with a relaxed body and mind.

man swimming work out in a swim spa

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Eased Muscle Tension

After a tiring day at work, our muscles get stiff due to the hours we spend sitting in front of a computer. Water-based therapy, such as a swim spa, helps in easing muscle stiffness and reducing tension. This further helps in reducing stress.

Enhanced Muscle Strength

Following the exercise routines established by Hydrotherapy experts, you can gain muscle strength. The key here is consistency. But the water gives added wondrous benefits to the conventional exercising methods. Aquatic exercises offer safety while building muscle power, as compared to heavy weight-lifting.

Losing Weight

According to research conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, 49.1% of adults in the U.S. wanted to lose weight over a stretch of a few years in the past. Among them, 62.9% of people tried losing weight through exercise.

A lot of people lose heart and give up going to the gym because it is difficult to attend sessions regularly. Plus, we are living in a post-COVID-19 world, where the risk of virus transmission is extremely high at gyms.

It isn’t easy to lose all that fat you’ve accumulated over years of consuming junk food. Neither is there any shortcut to getting physically fit. Swim spas help you in achieving your weight loss goals, provided you are consistent in other exercise routines and have a nutritional diet.

Among other routines to follow, swim spas offer aquatic currents, which can be used as an exercise technique by swimming against them to tone muscles and lose weight.

Water-Based Swim Spas Exercise Routines

Aquatic exercise in swim spas has proven to be some of the most viable ways to get in shape without having to hit the gym. Whether your mission is to attain flexibility, coordination, balance, or overall fitness, swim spas can help you in achieving a healthy body and mind.

Before you embark on the journey of achieving fitness through swim spa exercise, we recommend you go through the following guide to help you get the most out of your routine. But before moving forward, here is our sincere advice.

Temperature Control

Exercising and physical activity leads to increased body temperature. As a result of working out, your body’s blood circulation increases, and the heat gets generated. Since you are in the water, the environment needs to be temperature controlled to cope with the body’s natural heat.

We recommend you set the temperature to below 92 degrees before doing basic exercise. For more vigorous exercise, set the temperature between 82 to 87 degrees so you can work out in a comfortable aquatic environment.​

swim spa functions

Stay Hydrated

It might seem strange because the medium of exercise is water, but it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Your body loses water through perspiration and sweating during energetic movements. Make sure that you drink plentiful fluids before, during, and after your swim spa exercise. Doing this will prevent problems like dehydration, muscle stroke, and heat exhaustion.

Wear Water Shoes

During your swim spa exercise session, wear specially designed water shoes that help you exercise more comfortably without the fear of slipping. Be sure to choose footwear that is light and offers good drainage while being soft and perfectly fit to your foot size. They will also give increased support and foot protection during your exercise routine.

Warming Up

It’s time to warm up your muscles to reduce the risk of injury.

Begin by taking steps forward and sideways. Continue doing this for 3-4 minutes. This will increase blood flow to your muscles to prepare them for further exercise. Do a bit of focused stretching of various parts of your body like arms, legs, and neck. Twist your hips to warm up the muscles around your torso.

Now that you have checked the prerequisites for swim spa exercise, there are three major sections of your body that you can target your exercise at the upper body, the lower body, and the core.

Upper Body Exercises

These exercises aim to improve your stamina and muscle strength for everyday fitness. Follow these upper body workouts in your swim spa and improve your physical fitness.

Aquatic Bicep Curls

You will need water dumbbells for this. Stand straight in an alert position holding the dumbbells firmly in both hands. Slowly raise your hands, bending the elbow and bringing your fists in line with your shoulders. Make your bicep curl as you repeat the exercise. Perform two sets of 10 reps each.

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swim spa boat rows

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Swim Spa Boat Rows

This will target your back, chest, and shoulder muscles. Stand firm in the swim spa and extend your arms forwards, holding dumbbells in both fists and your palms facing downwards. Slowly pull in your fists at chest level and then return them back to the initial position. Mimic the actions of a boat being rowed. Do a set of 3 sets with 10 reps each.

Water Chest Press

This will strengthen your pectoral muscles, triceps, and deltoids. Turn on your swim jets for added resistance and stand facing them, with your chest submerged in the water. Hold weights in your hands, with your fists, facing downwards, against your chest. Force your hands outwards aligned with your chest while squeezing your chest muscles. Straighten your arms and retract to the initial position.

Boxing the Currents

Another fun exercise that targets your upper body strength while feeling cool. It involves standing firm as if in a fighting position and punching an invisible opponent in the water. Weights aren’t required for this exercise, but you can stand against the direction of the jets and punch the current, extending your fist and then retracting your arm by bending the elbow. Repeat this exercise for both arms alternatively. Left jab, right jab! 

Water Push-Ups

This is another simple exercise targeting your upper body muscles. Hold the side rails of the swim spa or steps, and do a push-up. This exercise is more fruitful if done slowly. Go as far down as possible without the water submerging your face, and then go back up. Do 3 sets of 10 reps each. If at any time you feel fatigued, stop, take some rest, and restart.

Tricep Pulls

As the name suggests, this exercise targets your triceps. Hold water weights in both your hands firmly, standing straight, and let your elbow bend vertically so that both your fists just about touch your shoulders. Slowly straighten your arms downwards towards your thighs. Keep your triceps in place and only move your arms below your elbows. Retract to the initial position to complete one rep. Perform 3 steps of 10 reps each.

Lower Body Exercises

Lower body exercises are equally important as upper body workouts. These help you in improving your stamina as the exercises focus on burning fat from and around your stomach and hips.

Walk/Jog/Run in Place

This simple exercise builds and tones your muscles. You can face the swim spa water jets to add resistance to your exercise for better results. You can start by walking in your place to warm up, then jog to amp up your exercise and start running in place, like using an underwater treadmill to really hit your muscles. Bring up your knees one after the other in a synchronized motion. You can also hold aquatic weights in your hands to upgrade the exercise.​

swim spa run in place exercise

Splashing Jumping Jacks

Use the buoyancy of the water to your advantage and do jumping jacks in the swim spa. Hold your arms straight on your sides and as you jump up, stretch your arm up as much as you can. Repeat this vigorously. You can add intensity to the exercise by facing the water currents, which will help with toning your muscles further, and your body faces resistance while jumping.

Underwater Bicycles

This is a rather fun exercise to strengthen your lower body. It mimics the action of paddling a bicycle but in water. It requires you to press your back against one wall of your swim spa and stretch out your arms sideways to hold the side rails. Then, just underneath the surface, fold and stretch your legs alternatively as if paddling a bike. Paddle away for at least 10 minutes. Since you will be performing this exercise in water, you will face immense pressure on the back muscles of your legs. 

Aquatic Kickbacks

Stand firmly in your swim spa while holding the exercise bar. Raise your right knee up while tightening and squeezing your glute muscle. Raise your knee up near the surface, keep it there for a few seconds as long as you can and then slowly retract it. Repeat the motion on the other leg. Do this exercise to tone your glutes and upgrade them by turning on the buoyancy current. Perform 3 sets of 5 reps each.

Core Exercises

Water Crunches

Swim spa crunches are a bit different from regular crunches. Due to buoyancy, these crunches are less vertical. Press your back against the wall of the swim spa and rest your extended arms on the exercise bar. Put your knees together and pull them in, pressing them gently against your chest. Then, extend them, still together, straight ahead. Repeat this rep for your desired number of times based on your exercise routine.


Squats are a great way to strengthen the muscles of your lower body and legs. Perform 5 to 20 squats in reps of 3. You will notice a marked improvement in how your legs have been toned with the passage of time.


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