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How To Choose a Swim Spa Current for Beginners in Denver

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How To Choose a Swim Spa Current for Beginners in Denver

Swimming is one of the best full-body workouts you can do, and it’s the fourth most popular activity in the United States. 

However, incorporating regular swimming into your exercise routine can be difficult, requiring the luxury of space and money to build a pool at home or the time to travel to and from the gym. 

If you’re looking for a way to swim every day from the convenience of your own home, without sacrificing the space or costs needed to build a swimming pool, then buying a swim spa offers the perfect solution. 

Read on to discover more about swim spas and how to pick the right swim spa current for your needs. 

Woman swimming in a swim spa in Denver with man relaxing in swim spa

Benefits of a Swim Spa

Swim spas combine the benefits of pools with hot tubs. They are smaller than traditional pools but still big enough to swim in, much like a lap pool using jet propulsion systems and jets to create a current to swim against.

There are a number of health benefits associated with swim spas, and they can be thought of as a pool version of a treadmill version. Swim spas also have massaging jets like those found in hot tubs, built to target muscles and help with recovery and pain. They can be installed above ground or inground and can be added to your deck or lawn without taking up much space. 

One of the biggest benefits of a swim spa is that it can be used year-round, without the large cost of heating an entire swimming pool. You can adjust the temperature to keep the water a little cooler in the summer and a little warmer in the winter.

How to Choose a Swim Spa Current

The most common problem people come across when buying their first swim spa model is knowing which swim current system is right for them.  There are a number of swim spa manufacturers that have different price ranges and special swim spas offered throughout the year.

Swim spa currents vary from spa to spa, and it’s important to know what to look for before buying. So what makes a good swim current? There are 4 key components that make up a good swim spa current. 

Strong Current

The power of your current needs to be strong enough to swim against. The average swimmer swims at 2 miles per hour, so you need to ensure your current is going to provide you with enough power to keep you buoyant and moving. Swim spa current speed can be varied to ensure it provides the right resistance. 

Easy to Control Current

A strong current isn’t much use if it can’t be controlled. Depending on your swimming ability, and how hard you want to exercise, your current will vary. You need a current speed that can be varied to ensure it meets the needs of anyone who might want to use it. 

Smooth Current

Just like a current that is too weak is not much use, a current that is too strong is also unhelpful. Turbulent water pushes you around and is not enjoyable to swim in. A smooth spa current offers a consistent current speed and strength to ensure ease of movement through the water. 

Wide Swim Lane

The “swim lane” is the area of the spa where the swim current is produced. The wider the swim lane is, the easier it is to stay in the current, and the less ‘wasted’ spa space you have.

In swimming pools, swimming lanes are generally 8 feet wide, though this allows for 2 directional swimming, so each swimmer has 4 feet of room. Keep in mind that a wide spa doesn’t always mean a wide swim lane, so be sure to check the width of the lane. 

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Lady using currents to swim in a swim spa in Denver

What To Look For When Buying a Swim Spa in Denver

With those 4 components in mind, what should you look for when buying your spa? Different features of the dual swim spa will ensure the 4 components are met effectively.

Powerful Pumps

A powerful swim requires powerful pumps. Rather than reviewing the horsepower rating of the pumps, look at the gallons per minute rating. Two pumps with the same horsepower rating can produce very different currents. The gallon per minute rating tells you how much water the pump can move, which is a better measurement of the swim spa’s current power. 

Current Speeds

Hand in hand with powerful pumps is current speed. Swim spa current speeds generally average from 2.5 to 8 miles per hour. A swim spa that has poor water flow will fail to provide enough resistance to swim against, while an overly powerful flow will create a turbulent flow that will also disrupt your workout. Getting a current speed that is just right will ensure you have a smooth current with enough resistance to challenge you. 

Electronic Valves

Many swim spas on the market use manual hot tub valves that limit their ability to vary the current. 

Electronic valves are far more robust and provide much more control over the swim current. Having control of varied current system options means that all users of the spa will be able to find a comfortable speed to swim in.

Widestream Jets

The wider the swim jets are, the wider the swim lane will be and the easier it will be to stay in the swim lane. A narrow swim lane will be difficult to swim in, with lots of wasted space in your spa swim area. Look for jet positioning that provides a wide swim lane in your spa and the number of jets.

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Let’s Go Swimming 

There’s no question that hydropool swim spas are a great choice for your fitness and relaxation needs. 

Now that you know all you need to about the swim spa current if you’re ready to get wet and enjoy all the benefits of a swim spa, reach out to the team at Swim Spas Denver. Book a free in-home consultation or come and visit one of our Denver showrooms.  ​