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Why is a Swim Spa in Denver Perfect for The Winter Season!

The cold winter months are here, and everyone is looking for some way to warm up. An outdoor hot tub/swim spa may just be the thing to do the trick.  

While a swim spa is a great thing to have all year long, they are especially great for the holiday season, particularly here in Denver. They are a fantastic way to stay warm, relax, get exercise, and manage stress and anxiety.

Do you really need any more convincing? If so, you’re in luck. Here is the reason a swim spa is perfect for the holiday season.​

swim spa snow covered pines and patio

Swim Spas Keep You Warm In The Winter

It goes without saying that the controllable temperature of swim spas makes them a great way to stay warm in the winter. During the freezing cold winter months, nothing hits the spot like taking a dip into a swim spa’s warm and bubbly water.

Granted, they require extra care and maintenance during that season. 

If you choose to use your swim spa in the colder months, don’t drain it until the warmer months. The water could freeze in the pipes and expand, causing the pipes to explode. Using your spa in the winter means more responsibility, so plan accordingly and be ready to do some extra water care and water treatments.

Swim Spas Are Good For Overall Health

Swim spas are excellent tools to have in keeping you physically active. The water’s buoyancy is excellent for people with chronic pain who want to improve flexibility and increase balance. With a variety of exercises available, your swim spa can serve as both a pool and an underwater treadmill.

Many swim spas come with jets that can serve as a full-body massage mechanism, thus promoting a sense of relaxation. Ultimately though, the warm atmosphere of the swim spa itself can offer you relaxation, relieve stress, relax your nervous system that is harmful to your health, while also lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. Using a swim spa to reduce stress hormones can only be beneficial to your overall health!

Other health benefits of swim spas include boosting your immune system and detoxifying your body. Warm water increases blood flow and circulation, which allows for active lymph nodes. The warmth of a hot tub increases your body’s sweat output, which is excellent for detoxing since sweat carries toxins out of your body.

While a swim spa may seem like a mere luxury, it can have a variety of health benefits that may help when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Using a swim spa for stress reduction is a luxurious way to deal with stress. Take a relaxing dip into a new swim spa and see the difference it makes in your mental health!​

hot tub winter scene with snow on ground

A Swim Spa Is Perfect For The Holiday Season

Now that you see that a swim spa is perfect for the holiday season and longer, you probably want to look into the best deals on swim spas. Look no further than Swim Spas.

Our swim spas are excellent for meeting your needs. Whether you want the health benefits or just need a nice warm staycation in the winter months, our swim spas will be a great addition to your home. Contact us today.