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Hot Tub Covers Denver, Colorado

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We take pride in being the top source for hot tub and spa covers in Denver, Colorado. As you measure your spa for a new cover, remember: the new cover must be large enough to fit, so pay careful attention in particular to the corners.​

Select the Shape

First, determine which shape matches your spa

Hot Tub Covers Denver, Colorado

Measure Carefully

Measuring Round Corners: To accurately measure a rounded corner, you need to determine the radius of the curve. Measure too large a radius and the cover won’t completely extend over the corners. Too small a radius and the cover simply overhangs a bit. If in doubt, always go with a slightly smaller measurement. The cover may be slightly too large and overhang the corner a bit, but it will cover the entire spa. Here are two easy, accurate ways to measure the radius, using the existing cover or the actual spa.

Method One Using the Existing Cover: If your existing cover fits properly, set it upside-down on top of a large square piece of paper. Line up the edges of the paper with the edges of the cover. Use a pencil or marker to trace the curve of the corner onto the paper. The distance from the corner of the paper to where the curve just starts on either edge is equal to the radius.

Method Two Using the Spa: ​This method uses a framing square to measure the radius of your spa corners. Set the square against the edge of the spa as shown. The radius of the rounded corner is the distance from the inside corner of the square to where the spa just touches the square. You may also use two rulers, anything that has a straight edge. You only need to measure between the two blue lines in the image to the right. Start your measurement where the corner just starts to go into the curve, straight across to the intersecting straight edge. A builder’s square is not necessary. This measurement will be your “C” dimension when placing your order.

This diagram shows the pitfalls of mismeasuring a radius. The yellow line represents a measurement too large, while the red line represents a measurement too small.

Hot Tub Covers Denver, Colorado

Measuring Cut Corners

When measuring an octagon spa, it is extremely important to measure all sides of the tub. This example shows an octagon (eight sides). Its length & width measurements (A & B) are equal and the side measurements (C) are also equal. If they are not equal, it is not a true octagon, but more than likely a cover with cut corners.

We can make you a cover in one of two styles. The most popular style is to cover only the acrylic shell of your spa. If your spa resembles the diagram below with a cabinet edge on the outside of the acrylic shell, and you would like your new cover to extend over edge, measure from the outside of the cabinet.

C – Outside dimension of the acrylic shell (standard cover size).
D – Outside dimension of the cabinet.
S – This is the height of the acrylic lip, determining the covers skirt length

“Cabinet Size” covers may require a longer skirt. There is no difference in spa cover performance. It  simply depends on your preference.

More Measuring Tips:

1. If possible, measure both your spa and your old cover.
2. Measure all sides of the spa.
3. Measure the overall length and width of the spa.
4. Make sure the measurements are big enough. If the cover is too big, it will still do its job. However, a cover that is too small will never do the job it is supposed to.
5. Specify hinge direction.
6. Please call us at (303) 806-9400 and we will review the measurements over the phone.

If you have any questions about which hot tub or spa cover is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Hot Tub Covers Denver, Colorado