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Dont just buy a hot tub, Join the Everything Hot Tubz Family!

Are you shopping for a new or used hot tub, spa, swim spa, endless pool or fitness spa?  Well you are in luck because we sell those!  

Now that you have decided you may want one of these things you have to decide who you want to work with for the next 10-15 years…this post is to try and help you decide that we are those people!  Not only do we have the best looking, smelling and humorous staff in the hot tub industry…we are people you can trust to take care of you.  I tell all my customers I cannot promise perfection but I do promise I will break my back to achieve it.  First let me show you this.

Dont just buy a hot tub, Join the Everything Hot Tubz Family!

Yep we play dirty…just so you know that’s Eddy one of the owners (on the right) and Dexter his dog (on the left).  Not only does Everything Hot Tubz have a strict policy against hiring sales people we have an even more strict policy against making this process boring.  Eddy and Dexter are normally manning the store, if you are a dog person feel free to bring in your friend and let them meet…if not Eddy can keep that wild beast in the picture locked up (or vice versa if you are not a people person Dexter can keep Eddy locked up…you’re the customer and YOU are always right)

All foolishness aside we do believe we offer a service you cannot find anywhere else in this glorious state.  Not hiring sales staff allows us to not pay commission, which allows us to keep lower margins.  Actually every tub we sell is marked up the exact same…so if you’re looking at our most or least expensive model we are just as happy to tell you the pros and cons of each…we let you make the best decision for you and your family and our needs are kept out.  This allows you a 100% unbiased opinion.  Also because no matter who is manning the store, we have all been or are currently service techs (aside from Dexter, he got in because of his Dad) and it will be hard to find a staff with more knowledge of the industry.  We not only sell the top brands as refurbished tubs we work on every hot tub ever built…that means we have seen what works and what doesn’t work.  I promise even if you do not buy from us, I will bet you $5.00 will leave smarter about these things then you walked in.

So come out and see what makes us the right choice.  Dexter misses you already

Dont just buy a hot tub, Join the Everything Hot Tubz Family!