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There is always a controversy over the pros and cons with hot tubs and health issues. Well some things just make common sense and we believe them to be helpful. Of course, always depending on the person and that each condition differs, that they, hot tubs, can sure be helpful to your health situation at times in ways as in relaxing and we know that relaxing in this fast-paced world is a plus. So, here’s a look at some ways we feel the hot tub can be beneficial to your health.

The common cold brings nasal and sometimes head and chest congestion.  Congestion makes it difficult to breathe, eat and sleep. Soaking in a steamy hot tub can break up congestion by shrinking the swollen membranes in your nasal passages, literally melting your mucus away.  It’s warm vapors will help you breathe freely again. Make sure you have tissues handy to cleanly blow your nose and congestion out of your system. Sitting in hot tub water up to your neck will allow the steam to reach your nose quickly and clear your nasal passages right out. Soaking in your hot tub 20 minutes a day can also prevent a buildup of congestion.  If you feel a cold coming on, head to your daily hydrotherapy (hot tub) session as soon as you can, to get the lurking germs out of your system.

Consistent and uninterrupted sleep is needed to maintain a healthy immune system to fight off colds. When you do get a cold, a good night’s sleep becomes challenging with a stuffy nose and aching body.  A hot tub is good for the common cold. Soaking in it promotes relaxation, encouraging better sleep overall. The warm water raises your body temperature, which dilates the blood vessels, improving your circulation. This oxygen rich blood flows with more ease to your organs helping your whole body feel better because cell growth proceeds more efficiently. This improved circulation fuels your body’s relaxation response. Once you get out of the water, your body temperature will drop, and you will experience a feeling of drowsiness. Even with a cold, all you need is one soak to get a good night sleep.

When natural remedies were the only options, warm water soaking was the best resolution to relieve joint and muscle pain. Hundreds of years later, it is still considered a highly effective treatment for overall body pain.  Aches and pains are common symptoms of a cold or flu. Instead of reaching for an over the counter drug to ease your pain temporarily, relieve it organically, with a visit to your hot tub. Why does warm water submersion help your joints? Since water is buoyant, there is less pull on your joints. When you are immersed, your body weighs approximately 90% less. The weight on your joints are reduced while providing 360-degree support. The temperature of the water also raises the body heat and will increase your circulation, which promotes better movement. Hot water and jet massage simultaneously will increase your blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. In addition, during your jet massage, the natural resilience of the water will relieve joint pressure, which will help relax your body even more. This will reduce feelings of body soreness and fatigue.  Pain relief will come faster and will last much longer. A hot tub is good for the common cold, it’s a natural source of heat therapy.

When someone gets sick often, it is usually because they are extremely stressed, a lot of the time. When we are stressed, a natural hormone called cortisol is released. This hormone weakens the immune system, leaving us more susceptible to catching the common cold. When we are stressed our bodies experience higher levels of inflammation, and cold symptoms can be much more difficult to treat. There are many ways to decrease stress, to either prevent you from catching a cold, or to help you feel better faster.  A hot tub is good for the common cold as it can help to melt your stress away by receiving a warm water therapeutic massage. The combination of warm water and massage stimulates the body to release endorphins (a mood elevator) and reduce stress naturally.

There is scientific evidence that increasing your body temperature will help your body fight cold germs and/or help you feel better fast.  It is recommended to set the heat at the safest, hottest level. You will get used to the high heat quickly and begin to sweat profusely.  The sweat will help to detoxify your body efficiently and will help you heal sooner.  Remember to stay hydrated, as turning up the heat in your tub will dehydrate you.  Try to drink a lot of water before you soak and afterwards.  If your body can tolerate more heat, drink tea and soup before or after your hot tub session, as this can help relieve nasal and throat congestion faster. If you can take the heat, a hot tub is good for the common cold.

In order to strengthen your immune system best, your hot tub offers more benefits in the winter than any other season. A hot tub is good for the common cold, and it promotes overall wellness. Using your hot tub as a form of mind-body therapy has been medically linked to increase your emotional and physical wellbeing.  Consistent sessions in your hot tub, in combination with eating a balanced diet and getting a good amount of exercise and sleep, will help your body fight off cold germs that try to attack your it. Just 20 minutes of hot tub use daily, will reduce stress, decrease anxiety, increase flexibility, promote muscle recovery and improve your sleep. All of these benefits contribute to boosting your immunity. The biggest reason why hot tub use strengthens your immune system is that your core body temperature rises during each session, tricking your body into a fever experience.  Most viruses cannot survive very high temperatures of heat.  Know that with regular hot tub use, you are doing your body well, by organically assisting your immune system to become more effective in doing its job.