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The Quality Leader in Luxury Hot Water Products

Originating in 1969, MAAX® Spas has become a leading hot tub manufacturer, available at over 350 specialty retailers across North America and Europe. Our mission: For MAAX Spas to be the Quality Leader in Luxury Hot Water Products.

MAAX® Spas will lead by delivering innovative features & designs in all our brands; built with quality materials and supported with operational excellence at all levels in our business. MAAX® Spas is committed to providing great experiences with our company and products for a lifetime. From those who sell and install, to those who own and enjoy, MAAX® Spas will relentlessly pursue programs that make it easy to own a luxury home spa.

Strong company – strong people – strong values:

At MAAX Spas we understand that companies are not only products and programs, they are organizations of people. Great companies succeed because of the strength of their people and shared proven values. Within MAAX® Spas we consistently succeed in meeting the challenges inherent in our growth by staying focused on our values. These values are evident at all levels of our business and defines our competitive advantage.

MAAX® Spas core values:

Deliver quality-innovative products

Promote a customer-centric culture

Drive Operational Excellence

Retain remarkable people

49-Years of Experience

350-Spa Retailers

41-Spa Models

16-Swim Spa Models

An Innovative Legacy:

MAAX® originated in 1969 with the founding of Modern Fiberglass and Metal. From the beginning, MAAX® was committed to long lasting quality, innovation and a drive to delight customers.  These values propelled us into becoming a leading manufacturer of modern whirlpool systems.

Through the years, MAAX® continued to grow by following a plan to acquire other well-known brands and increase their business through a commitment to these same values.

In the late 90’s, MAAX® expanded into the spa sector by acquiring companies such as Coleman™ Spas*, Savannah, Vita Spas and Infiniti. In 2017 MAAX Spas merged with American Bath Group creating a powerful synergy between bath and spas.

MAAX® Spas has earned a solid reputation by staying true to its original values.  Today, MAAX® Spas continues the legacy by offering the world’s first Appliance Grade hot tubs in all of the brands; this is what we call, “Built to the MAAX”.

Own one of our MAAX® Spas luxury hot water products and experience for yourself what it’s like to have the best hydrotherapy experience available.

“Built to the MAAX” is the term we use to describe how we build the best hot tubs in the industry.

We’ve engineered our spas with the best materials and manufacture them to the highest standards. From the steel structure and the US Green Builder Council approved insulation, to the mechanical components, it’s easy to see MAAX® Spas’ products are built to the highest quality. ‘Built to the MAAX’ ensures the long-term durability of your hot tub backed by industry leading warranties.

“Building quality products that can be serviced back to factory specifications like the day you purchased it. That is what we are most proud of”

~John Johnson – President, MAAX Spas

In addition to the best materials and components, our spas are manufactured to appliance grade standards. Appliance grade means the spas are made to the same safety and service standards as other home appliances. The innovative steel structure is not only strong, it allows for complete service of the entire spa. The components have been chosen for their durability as well as their availability to the service industry. Our spas can be serviced to factory-new specifications, in your backyard, for the lifetime of the spa.

Finally, over 300 quality control check points are inspected by in-house personnel to ensure every step of the manufacturing process is up to the standards our reputation demands.

Appliance Grade

Can be restored to factory standards in the field.

Steel Frame-Superior quality, durability.

UL® Listed-Meets strict manufacturing standards.

Energy Efficient-Exceeds strict energy efficiency regulations.

BlueMAAX™-Environmentally friendly, energy efficient insulation we pioneered.