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Considering a hot tub, they are a great accessory to a backyard, especially for your health and pleasure, with relieving stress and staying warm during the cold season.

This is a serious purchase and we would like to bring to your attention some of the necessary things to be aware of. Before jumping in, take a look at these items to consider.

Besides the cost of the tub there are the installation cost, the cost of the chemicals to maintain the hot tub, and of course the water and energy costs it takes to keep a hot tub running. However, I am sure this is something you have already took into account.

You may also need to purchase the pump that aids in both water power and heating separately from the tub model you pick out. Do your homework, so that you will be purchasing exactly what will complete your dream hot tub setup.

Do you have a large group of friends that will be joining you in your new hot tub? Do you have back pains or need hydrotherapy (massage jets)? Do you want built in speakers, or a tri-fold cover?

What about interior and exterior lighting, ladders to get in and out of your hot tub, a cooler, a foot massager? Yes, these are all very real options when you a buy a top-of-the-line tub. Pick which amenities are most important to you.

Before you buy an extra-large hot tub with a tanning deck and attached umbrella, make sure you have the room in your backyard. Ensure that you can fit a tub and the installers’ equipment through any side gates or through a garage. Also, before installing the tub, you may want to lay a concrete foundation down to ensure the tub is level and will not be exposed to too many elements.

If you plant your hot tub on the ground, you will have to worry about the cold earth affecting the heating elements, degrading the base of the tub, or making it so your hot tub is full on one end and empty on the other. Consider above-ground or below-ground options, based on your backyard and location.

If you can, select a newer model hot tub with an energy efficient pump. While this may only be a requirement for the hardcore eco-friendly family, it is really just smart money.

You may pay a little more up front to get a pump that requires only a little energy to effectively heat a large tub and will monitor the water usage, so you don’t get an outrageous water and power bill each month.

More effective models also help you get a larger tub with fewer upkeep costs.

If you are installing this hot tub at a residence that you sometimes rent out, a hot tub can be a big draw for those looking to vacation, especially during the cooler months when renters are harder to come by.

While this may help you attract renters, make sure that your home, including the hot tub, is covered by insurance. A hot tub is a big-ticket item that can be very expensive to fix, so, my suggestion is to rent to mature and financially secure people.

In the end, the hot tub you pick will last you years to come. Don’t forget to maintain the chemical balance in the hot tub which is so very important, if its something you care not to deal with hire your local hot tub service company to maintain the chemical levels. But most importantly, enjoy the pleasures your hot tub will bring you with the reliving of any stress or sore muscles back or joints that this hot tub will provide.