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Embark Series E90DL

Get two loungers in one hot tub with the E90L. While the lounger remains one of the most popular seats in hot tubs, there has always been the struggle of who gets to use it. Due to space, it can sometimes be difficult to make one lounger that doesn’t take up all the space. The E90DL solves that problem with reversible loungers. Save space without compromise with the E90DL.

Standard Embark E90DL Features Include:

90 Stainless Steel Jets

Massage Pump #1: 5BHP 2-spd

Massage Pump #2: 5BHP 1-spd

Massage Pump #3: Blower

2 Water Features

Exterior LED Sconces

Interior LED Light

LED Valves

Underwater Light

Cool Down Seat

Lounger: 2

Up to 6 PeopleUp to 6 People
90 Jets90 Jets
480 Gallons480 Gallons
91” x 91” x 36”91” x 91” x 36”