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Hello this is Ed again with Everything Hot Tubz.  Last night I used the swim spa, had my girlfriend film the beginning of what I will be doing.  After the cameras stopped rolling my 30 minute workout began.  I would from from a forward overhand stroke like you saw, to a water running, to a swim from my back.  I would then do a stomach crunch using the bar at the end of the fitness spa unit.  I then would go back to the seated area and do bicycle kicks and then pushups….then start over.  While water jogging I would try and check my pulse to stay between the 100-120 mark.  The great thing about the Maax Powerpool is that with the steps in it allows me to do things most other swim spas or endless pools cannot accomplish.

Also doing my measurements in my first 3 weeks I have lost a couple inches from my gut (believe it or not) and a seem to be feeling better.  Again those pictures will be out soon.

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Please excuse the quality of videos as we are great with New and Used Hot Tubs as well as Swim spas….video and editing not so much!