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Well I haven’t been able to post much because our busy season is in full effect!  If you ever swing by the store around lunch you might notice my hair is wet or there is water on the floor and thats because I am now using my lunch time as a chance to get a good 30 minutes of exercise in almost daily!!  I am becoming addicted to this machine it seems.  I have never in my life felt better!  I sometimes goto the gym to lift weights because I am a dude and thats what dudes do, but since I never have time and seem to be getting plenty of workout here thats probably less then I would like…also when I try and get on the cardio machines I want to die for 3 days after.  17 years of playing catcher and about the same time playing football it has seemed to ruin my knees and lower joints.  Swimming, water jogging and the other exercises that I do I never feel negative repercussions, sometimes my abs will feel sore as I explore new core exercises but aside that nothing.

I am happy to announce I have lost about 10lbs in roughly 2 months and 8 inches off my gut.  Today I am wearing shorts that I used to have to leave the top button off.  I bought a water proof video camera and will soon figure out cool ways to use it.  Until then I figured while I have customers trying our swim spa right now I would take this time to write to potential future shoppers about how great this thing really is!