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In today’s world, there are many reasons to own an Elite Spas hot tub.  Whether you are looking for your own private sanctuary far away from the hassles of everyday life or simply a relaxing environment to reconnect with family and friends, you can’t go wrong with an Elite Spas hot tub.  The massaging action of the jets and gentle warmth of the water will relieve tension and anxiety for a greater sense of inner well being.  Whatever you desire, your new Elite Spas hot tub is guaranteed to provide years of trouble free enjoyment.

Elite Spas hot tubs have been carefully engineered for long-term durability, efficiency and complete hydrotherapy.  Throughout North America, MAAX® Spas brands have earned the trust and confidence of consumers.  Rest assured, your new Elite Spas hot tub will be everything you expect – quality, innovation and years of luxurious spa enjoyment.

ClearMAAX™ is a high-rate filtration system that efficiently wraps the spa’s  flowing water around two specially designed filters. The results showed that the chemical usage was reduced and fully cleaned the water every 5-6 minutes. Elite Spas exclusive ClearMAAX™ utilizes 100 sq/ft filtration or optional “purification” grade filters in the cleaning process. Balanced turnover of all the spa’s water is guaranteed with the multiple “child safe” suctions. The remarkably clean ClearMAAX™ system maintains a 5-6 minute complete spa turnover rate regardless of whether you are using the therapy or filtration setting.

Clean water is the cornerstone of spa enjoyment.  Elite Spas’ CleanZone™ water purification system will automatically maintain healthy, crystal clear water while greatly reducing chemical maintenance.  CleanZone™ is an ultraviolet plasma cell ozone system that disinfects and cleans your spa water.  And best of all, CleanZone™ does not require any cleaning or maintenance whatsoever.  Enjoy clean water throughout the life of your spa.

The CleanZone™II system uses the power of UVC light, the same technology utilized in many communities around the world to purify drinking water. CleanZone™ II kills 99.9% of micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses and parasites. This system is the perfect blend of hygiene, purity and technology.

A deep tissue massage will relieve pain and tension locked deep in the muscles and connective tissue of the body. Additional circulation, promoted by jet stimulation, will release tension and promote a healing reaction in injured areas. The deep, soothing streams of jet-propelled water from our QuadraJet System are a great example of just one of the jetting array systems by Elite, designed to loosen muscles and harmonize the body’s own healing reactions.

The ultimate massage system, BackMAAX™, features six jets strategically placed to cover the entire back. Every jet is fully adjustable to customize your massage for the specific task at hand. BackMAAX™ is capable of a pulsing surface massage, or  a penetrating, swirling motion to reach deep into your muscles. The BackMAAX™ seat is extra deep for full-body immersion, and features the most powerful massage of all the Elite hydrotherapy systems.

Lean back into this unique cushion of comfort for everyone’s favorite massage: neck and shoulder. This luxurious neck and shoulder massage will be the highlight of your day. Tense neck and shoulder muscles are quickly relieved as positioned jets do the work for you, creating absolute bliss. Pair this with a relaxing soak and you won’t want to leave your Elite Spa.

After a long day on your feet there is nothing better than relaxing your troubles away and getting the complete spa experience in your Elite Spa. Each spa is equipped with a therapeutic foot massage function that relaxes the entire body by increasing circulation via points on the foot which correspond to all the parts of the body. Strategically positioned and fully adjustable jets have been designed to target the entire foot with streams of stimulating pressure.

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