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PowerPool Swim Spas

For eons the power of water has shaped the world we live in. From oceans to streams, the forces of moving water have changed our landscapes and our lives. That same power is now available for your Denver, Colorado home with the new MAAX Spas PowerPool™. From the outdoor adventure experts, MAAX Spas, the new PowerPool™ uses flowing streams of water to create a home environment ideal for fitness, relaxation and healing.

MAAX Spas’ PowerPool combines the best aspects of swimming pools, hot tubs and home gyms. Whether it’s to shape your body, soothe your soul or transform your backyard into an oasis of tranquility, MAAX Spas’ PowerPool™ harnesses the power of moving water to enhance your life. Get one today for your Colorado home!

Health and Fitness

Swim or Fitness spas are a growing trend and whether they are used as an alternative to a swimming pool or as a back yard oasis of health and family fun, they are a smart investment and one that should be carefully considered before deciding on a brand. If you are looking for quality, look no further as Premium Leisure Swim Spas have been Rated Best In Class by Pool and Spa and Test by Hundreds of Customers World Wide. We offer higher quality and more value than the competition for your health and fitness.

Check out our swim spa line – up to your right from the Aquatica 12ft, 14ft, Swimmer’s Edge 18ft, Dual Zone 18ft, Swimmer 18ft to our New Economy Swim Spa the ES14.