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It’s a Feeling… A Sense of Total Satisfaction.

Hard to describe, but you know it when it envelops you. The cares of the day are washed away and you enter into that soft, easy place. And, like magic, the load that was pulling at you suddenly dissolves away…in thousands of tiny, friendly bubbles. Vita Spa.


The World’s First Appliance Grade Hot Tub.

As a leading brand in hot water and lifestyle products, Vita Spa has continually challenged the design of its products and the status quo of the hot water products industry. Let us show you what we mean by “appliance grade” and why the result is a better and more convenient hot tub for you.


Hydrotherapy Heals the Body and Soul.

Engineered to optimize your hydrotherapy experience, we’ve designed seats based on the basic principles of massage therapy: rolling, kneading, compression and percussion.


Evoke the Senses.

It’s in the details. The little things make for the perfect spa experience. Since everyone has a different idea of pure serenity, we present an array of choices and options to help ensure you enjoy your Vita Spa to the fullest.


Creating the Perfect Hot Tub Experience.

Every hot tub buyer looks for a well-built hot tub that will deliver comfort and satisfaction year after year. Our products meet strict construction and technical requirements. Vita Spa owners can have complete confidence in the quality and performance of their hot tubs.


Vital Energy.

Our engineers have spent exhaustive hours equipping each of our spas with exclusive technological advances and a host of extraordinary amenities that not only enhance your lifestyle, but also ensure your peace of mind.

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